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  • - The cooperage has developed an innovative toasting called "XO". It is done on braziers supplied with oak ecourtures. It is proper to the company and makes its products unique.
  • - A different program with appropriate toasting are made according to grape varieties and AOC.
  • - A new toasting more adapted to alcohol barrel has been developed in the end of 2008 and then validated by the head of a trading house of Cognac world-renowned.

Four levels normalized with or without colors are possible depending on the type of toasting that has been chosen:

  • - The blonde or light toasting
  • - The average toasting
  • - The average toasting over
  • - The high toasting


The wood we use comes exclusively from French forests except for the American Oak cultivated in the Missouri forests.
The company also product barrels called “Mosaïque”, and the half of it is designed with French Oak, and the other half with chestnut or black wood.
Every demand is treated depending on its exigencies, each product is unique, we adapt to our customers’ expectations.

The wood is selected depending on the size of its grains:

  • - Staves grained are used for farming medium term, providing flavour, delicacy, and elegance.
  • - Staves to larger grains are used for alcohol and wines rich in phenolic compounds.

We only use chopped wood that age in open air over a minimum of 24 months. Any grains’ selection is possible depending on demand.